Xotaris in the Cretan dialect means wanderer, traveler, whoever comes from another place (Xotaris < exo “out”). Eva and Christos used to be such wanderers - Xotarides. They gathered experiences and different material, precious material from all over the world, especially from developing countries. Precious works of art, local handicrafts, engravings, sculptures. Old household items and in general whatever bears the imprint of traditional work, artistry and labour.

Even when they had to stop travelling, the Xotaris inside them could not calm down. They were in search of a place where they could expose all those things they had gathered throughout the years. They were looking for a treasury where all these items could fit together as well as to the place that would host them.

Natives of places with a rather sour history, Eva from Crete and Minor Asia and Christos from Pontus (Black Sea) and Mani, they soon realized that the only place that could possibly harmoniously host all these thoughts was Crete. Having many friends in this unique part of Greece, they finally found an old house at the village of Ano Archanes, made of stone around 1860. Andreas helped them to have it restored. There was no better place than this old mansion to host all this material gathered within thirty years. And it turned out that there was no better place to host such a house where every stone has something to say on the house’s long history.

A wonderful two floor gallery was created at the old wine-press, where some elements were kept to remind the process of making wine out of grapes: the stone pumps, the basin and other similar staff. Christos II, friend of Eve and Christos, gave his ideas so that this undertaking could travel through cyberspace, setting off the magnificence of the place 150 years later, together with all the art works it will host.

Finally, we needed something more; a cocoon to secure and make this undertaking creative. This is how Christos and Eve created the Cultural Foundation Panagiotis Giannakos. Panagiotis Giannakos, Christos’ father, used to say something very important; whatever you do, do it correctly. He talked as a traditional artist, sculptor and painter. “Do it with passion in order to stand trials and aspersions.” He was the first collector that Christos met, a person that collected historical press-cuttings. Precious cuttings like the one from the newspaper “Romios” dated back in 1821 or the whole newspaper "ACROPOLIS" dated back in 1940. Pieces that exude a feeling of sanctity and uniqueness when read nowadays; a collection that needs to be treated with respect and carefulness. But this collection is strictly personal and belongs to Christos’ and Eve's family.