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Christos Papandropoulos talks about art...
About drawing

We considered this design as a component part of painting and then we tried to think of it as a spiritual work. But we should also see it as an independent work of art. In principle, it is the same thing. As we can see, when a painter has a clear vision of his painting, he draws painting. There is no need for him to make a drawing on the board. Sketching outlines – the famous cernes- betrays painting weakness. However, a painter never stops drawing; otherwise his work would be a creation on the spur of the moment. As he works with colours, he draws, only that his drawings are inside his mind and his lines remain imaginary. Still, when he has nothing but paper and pencil, his drawings are no more imaginary; they appear on a paper. A few lines are enough to make the plan complete and perfect. This impression is due to the plainness of means and the imprint of the spiritual act.

We could say that in a drawing we see the spirit in action.
Lines offer the necessary perceptible base, but esthetically, they are not self existent. An original designer does not play with lines, he draws, he writes down the forms that his mind lends in the things that he conceives, and his mind cannot spell anything without giving it a concrete form.

If now the designer is a native painter, then, with the few means he owns, he can make paintings out of drawings.

Christos Michael Papandropoulos
Art and stained glass conservation
Art Theoritician

In the photo a painting by the Bulgarian artist Miroslav Yotov
Apopsi Center
Christos Papandropoulos
   June 2024   
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