The Erotic Constant by Peter Lazarov

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  • The erotic couple by Robert Baramov
    The erotic couple by Robert Baramov


Some words about eroticism in art by the Bulgarian artist - engraver Peter Lazarov the master of wood engraving.
The Erotic constant

There will never be a homogeneous culture which does not incorporate eroticism in its most recognizable and prominent appearances. The history of art teems with examples.
Since the beginning of civilized life the act of pro-creation has been recognized as major driving force for mankind in general sense. Rites, ceremonies, festivities involving eroticism were the heart of any communal activity at any given time. Can we imagine the cultures of India, Egypt and Greece without the images of fertility and acts of godly drive for sex?
Sex, erotic or orgiastic has become ‘vulgar’ with the triumph of the new religions, but did they vanish from our makeup as humans?
Needless to say, in our eyes the Greco-Roman art is ‘sexier’ than most of other images from old times. As Europeans we recognize the evocative eroticism of myths and poetry, sculpture and painting on vases, as our own heritage.
Eros is still a building block of our contemporary culture. Constructing my humble prints I search for those images. No matter which ‘Eros’ – the masculine or the feminine – I am aware of its presence. I think that ‘Eros’ does not indicate gender at all – just an important doorway toward the ‘inner space’ of the work, which normally explores themes of existential nature. I try to be true to my concept/idea only within the limits of my own personal experience. If there should be magic one should go for it with open heart.
One thing is certain: we may be ‘sex’ by nature but ‘eroticism’ is the path to the dreams of immortality, to one youthful Arcadia, where senses and reason are happily re-consolidated.
This is the constant longing of our soul – its quest of seeking eternal values through the senses.

In the photo you can see the Erotic couple - a lithograph by the Bulgarian artist - engraver Robert Baramov

Peter Lazarov
Robert Baramov

   June 2024   
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